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Eco building bricks and blocks are used for external walls in eco cave houses and other properties
 Echo Bricks
An environment friendly building material
Manufactured by blending fly ash , cement , gypsum and stone dust and Hydraulically compressed into uniform shape and size.
These blocks have a high crushing strength , smooth finished surface and have excellent thermal insulation properties comparable to other masonry block

Interlocking bricks do not need cement mortar in joints
Only simple pointing is required
Reduces labor cost for construction as fixing is very simple
Eco bricks have beautiful tile finish, hence no plaster is required
Time required for construction is reduced by 1/3rd
Ideal for boundary walls works
Smooth finished surface
Excellent thermal insulation
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Width : 220 mm or 140 mm
crushing strength >70 kg/sq cm)
Water absorption:< 15%
No. of blocks required per squire feet :3.50
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